About KL Summit 2019

Kuala Lumpur Summit is an international platform for Muslim leaders, intellectuals and scholars from around the world to
discuss and exchange ideas about the issues revolving in the Muslim world.

In November 2014, when the first Summit was held in Kuala Lumpur, great success was achieved in bringing together
renowned Muslim figures. Between them, new and valuable solutions for the problems facing the Muslim world were
introduced and discussed.

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Our Objectives


To revive the Islamic civilisation


To deliberate and find new and workable solutions for the problems afflicting the Muslim world


To contribute to the improvement of the state of affairs among Muslims and the Muslim nations


To form a network between Islamic leaders, intellectuals, scholars, and thinkers around the world

Our Vision

KL Summit is an
international platform

For dialogue, bringing together Muslim leaders, thinkers, intellectuals and scholars to find the best dynamic and action driven solutions for the problems faced by Muslim Ummah guided by a comprehensive contemporary understanding towards the achievement of the highest values of Islam and the sovereignty of Ummah.

Our Mission

To contribute to identify
& solve the problems
afflicting the Muslim world

KL Summit promotes the interchange of ideas, discourse, policy making, and action driven recommendations. In a world where borders are porous, our challenges and solutions are also interlinked.

KL Summit encourages hybrid coalitions by gathering old and new actors from Muslim world; states and international organisations, as well as NGOs, companies, foundations, philanthropic organisations, development agencies, trade unions, think tanks, universities, and civil society at large.